Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sooooo upset at myself !

I'm so upset about not having my camera to take pictures of all the great people and fun times at Creative Camp, I`m hoping those who did could send me any photos of our escapades. So if anyone reading this could help me out, I would so greatly appreciate the assistance.


Hey kids, it`s Remo !!

This is Remo, I created him a while back. I named him Remo working off of the word reminiscing (Remo Nising), I can`t recall when I started creating but I know how much I copy what inspires me and I always reminisced about the shows I grew up on and Sesame Street is the only show I can remember myself watching as toddler. I still watch it to this day.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Taking you back... back into time

Found these in my studio, done back when I was admiring the art from Gum n Mints.
I would now and then pop in to see what the theme was and do my version.
It helped me through some very hard times, keeping me drawing just for the love of drawing.

Just felt he needed a trumpet.

Little Matchstick Girl:
Tried to capture her look right before she went.