Friday, November 20, 2009

New monsters on the block.

Here are 2 more members of the team. Grum is the red one and BingBong is the other, I`m hoping Remo can come back to hang out with the crew. Maybe I`ll set up another shoot for the gruesome threesome.
These are two of the reasons why I`ve been so slow blog`n. That doesn't mean that I`m free to start up again, nooooo, other projects are in the works. Since I have followers, I`ll do the best I can to keep up with this blogging (thanks 4 following), so I hope you`re pleased with what I put up.


Vince M said...

Wow! More Puppets!! These guys look great, Ed. I especially like the look of "Bing Bong". He's got a very original look to him, doesn't remind me of another character. Probably because of the head shape, body color and texture, etc...

If this is the type of project that's keeping you from posting more frequently, I'll gladly wait.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

These are so cool Eddie, you really shine with these and your passion for it comes through.